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Tax returns ... IRS audits, collections, appeals, and notices of liens and wage garnishments ... Bookkeeping and accounting services

   John Ro, EA LLC

What is an Enrolled Agent? As an Enrolled Agent, John Ro is admitted to practice before the IRS in all matters relating to tax returns, audits, collections, and appeals. We can help you get out of difficult situations.

Has the IRS mailed you a letter saying that you owe back taxes, penalties, and interest?
Have you forgotten to file your tax returns for several years?
We can help. We specialize in helping clients get out of difficult situations.
For a free initial 15 minute consultation, call John Ro at 312-401-7218 (downtown office) or email him
Our downtown office is located two blocks south of the Chicago River and the Magnificent Mile, at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Lake St.
                                                                      180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 625
                                                                      Chicago, Illinois 60601
                                                                      (312) 401-7218



Our core practice is tax return preparation, IRS representation, accounting services, and small business consulting and financing.

  • We are a comprehensive tax and accounting firm licensed to practice in all 50 states. We prepare tax returns for individuals, small businesses, partnerships, S corporations, and limited liability companies (LLC). With more than 14 years experience preparing tax returns, we will make sure we do a thorough and detailed check of all deductions and credits so that you get the best possible tax result.
  • We help you when the IRS sends you a notice regarding liens, wage garnishments, audits, and collections. We will talk with the IRS agents for you and try to settle the case without too much trouble and time spent on your part. 
  • We provide simple to sophisticated ways of keeping track of your income and expenses according to your business needs. The main goal is to provide a clear way to analyze your financial information to help you maximize your profit and decrease your expenses.
  • We help small businesses succeed from the very beginning, by helping you to choose the most beneficial legal entity (sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, S-corp, and C-corp), setting up the legal entity for you, setting up payroll, filing quarterly and annual taxes, consulting on tax consequences of business decisions, and providing small business financing (term loans and lines of credit through a financing partner).
* John Ro EA LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Illinois.
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We accept payments by cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), and bitcoin.