Do-It-Yourself vs. Tax Professional

With TurboTax and other do-it-yourself tax software out there, the question to ask is… What are the advantages and disadvantages of seeking the help of a tax professional?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a do-it-yourself tax software which you can use at home. It costs less, perhaps – unless you get hit with interest and penalties by the IRS and the state tax agencies because of mistakes and omissions. You might learn new tax laws and rules, but why spend your weekend researching arcane tax laws and IRS publications when you can be out with friends, having a brunch at a nice neighborhood cafĂ©.

That’s where the benefits of using a tax professional come into play. A tax professional has already spent years learning and applying tax laws to help maximize the tax deductions and credits you can take. With the money you pay an Enrolled Agent, he is motivated to avoid costly mistakes and get you the best possible outcome on your tax returns.

So avoid spending your precious life on something you can pay someone who is more experienced and more motivated. Death and taxes are unavoidable, but why work yourself to death to work on taxing issues all by yourself? Get the help you need by contacting John Ro.